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Marketing Strategy

While our designers' creative portfolio will match any agency in town, our strength is in our strategic thinking. Lots of folks can design a pretty ad or produce a clever spot, but that's simply not enough to produce results anymore. We offer a refreshing approach to marketing where the strategy and the tactical decisions are what drive the process. There's not just a set playbook that gets pulled out every time.

We look to find the unique best ways to move beyond awareness and create connection with our clients' customers. Research, positioning, branding, market planning, media planning and buying, database marketing strategy, promotions, product naming, tag lines, event planning, trade show strategy, internal communication campaigns, copywriting

John Cudahy
"During the last twenty years, the cost - and the financial risk - of organizing an air show has increased dramatically. One indication of professionalization of our business is that fewer and fewer shows feel comfortable leaving the promotion of the event in the hands of a volunteer. They're hiring people like Herb Gillen, an ICAS member from Columbus, Ohio who runs his own agency. Herb did some work for the Vectren Dayton Air Show and discovered that there is a pressing need for precisely his kind of expertise. He's committed his company to air show marketing and enjoyed considerable success. More importantly to all of us, his work has raised the bar and further professionalized our business."
John Cudahy
President - International Council of Air Shows

Marketing Strategy

You've got a great performer lineup (or maybe you don't), you've got your logistics buttoned up but you've struggled to draw fans, draw media, draw sponsors or turn a profit with your show.

We are expert marketers that specialize in marketing air shows, performers and aviation-related clients. We are working with shows from coast to coast on a daily basis. While we believe that each location is unique, we know what has worked and what hasn?t and we are actively engaged with the ever-changing air show marketing scene to provide our clients the best marketing, advertising and PR counsel in the industry.

"Two years ago, I was already past due on a total revamping of my website, email, social media, promotion and marketing. I thought that I would have to deal with multiple agencies to get all of the categories completed, and the magnitude of the task had me in a dilemma. I read some great testimonials for the Herb Gillen Agency, and I was already aware of his dedication to the ICAS Foundation. The next thing I did was to commit to Herb. Then, he and I identified my separate areas that needed to be upgraded or initiated. I am happy to say that Herb and his staff are stellar in all disciplines of advertising, marketing, promotion and communications. They have covered all areas thoroughly and to completion. The team is a joy to work with, and will put your mind at ease. A way I measure the success of business experience is, If you had to do it all over again, would you? My answer...Heck yes, but sooner! Don't be a procrastinator like me. Contact Herb Gillen Advertising ASAP, and you will be on the road to success."
Danny "Hollywood" Clisham
Award - Winning Air Show Announcer, LLC